Dumbbells Birmingham for increasing muscle mass

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Whether your aim is to get increased muscle mass, endurance, strength, and general fitness or improve your athletic performance or resistance training with your Dumbbells Birmingham you will be able to get or reach your target. If you want to get the greatest gain in a very short period of time, you can very well make this possible in the form of strength training using the free weight Dumbbells Birmingham. Research has proved that with the help of Dumbbells Birmingham you can very well reach this target. When you compare the benefits of the Dumbbells Birmingham with the other conventional exercising machine you will feel that the free weights will be able to deliver maximum stimulus for your muscular system. Unlike your other gym machines, the targeted muscles get isolated, but the same when your exercise with the Dumbbells Birmingham the targeted muscles will not be isolated and the free weights will force your body to constantly employ the stabilized and supportive muscles. The resultant is rapid improvement of strength and this can be achieved by utilizing the Dumbbells Birmingham. This is the easiest and effective medium of strength training using the free weights – Dumbbells Birmingham. You can exercise your entire workout using the Dumbbells alone; they are compact and can be used easily. Here are some of the best workouts that can be done using the Dumbbells for building body mass and power:

Flat chest press – this is a chest Dumbbells exercise, for performing this you have to lie flat on the bench and hold your dumbbells directly over your chest, keep your arms extended, now lower down the dumbbells and make it to reach till your chest area in a controlled and slow manner. Now press slowly the dumbbells and bring it back to its starting position. Now repeat this flat chest press in reps of 4 times or 6 times. If you are too keen on building your body mass you can do till you can do. But remember not to lock your elbows when you are performing this exercise.

Flat chest files – this is again a chest Dumbbells exercise, for performing this exercise you have to lie flat over a bench, hold your dumbbells directly over your chest and keep your palm in such a manner that is faces each other. Now when you come down bend the elbows lightly and keep it in the same manner all over till you are done with the exercise. Now open your arms towards your sides, the elbows have to be locked in a flexed position slightly. When you do this movement you can feel a great stretch on your pectorals, now when your upper arms get parallel to the floor, bring back the Dumbbells Birmingham to the starting state and repeat it again. However remember that your feet should be flat on floor and back has to be flat on bench.

 If you are able to get this exercise perfectly you needn’t worry anymore about your body muscles or enhanced strength as Dumbbells Birmingham will surely help you get this.

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Some best exercises to do with Dumbbells Birmingham

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Exercise loops

Dumbbells are an integral part in the gym equipment of any person, not only an athlete or a boxer will need this equipment; even a normal beginner gets lot of advantages when they are able to perform their exercise using the gym equipment Dumbbells Birmingham. Not everyone get an opportunity to visit the gym and this may happen due to some or other reason like busy working schedule, membership cost, travelling time and so on, but you can always lay your hand on the Dumbbells Birmingham and get your workout done at your fingertips. The luxury of working out at home will be really productive in the long run. When you buy some Dumbbells Birmingham you can get your workout done sitting at the ease of your home. Many people prefer to have the Dumbbells Birmingham at home for their specific and regular workouts. You can buy a pair of dumbbells or you can even manage with just one dumbbell for your home gym. When you have one Dumbbells Birmingham you can manage to perform it in a creative manner by thinking out of the box. Thus for performing your workouts or exercises you may not need any fancy gadgets or advanced machines just a pair of Dumbbells Birmingham is enough and your job will be done well. If you are having merely one dumbbell you needn’t worry about its functionalities, here are some best exercises that can be done using a single dumbbell:

One armed hanging snatch with a single dumbbell – for performing this dumbbell exercise you have to stand with this device and hold this on one hand and keep your feet wider than you do normally – more than shoulder distance, hold this in such a manner that your arm will hang straight down towards your legs, keep your palm facing inwards and towards your body back part. Now squat down till your knees reach 90 degree angle, now hold your other arm towards the side as a support or alternatively you can place them at your back. Now using the pelvic hip thrust and push out of squat now lift your dumbbells in a straight line towards the head. Bend now your elbows and continue lifting the dumbbells towards the head, keep it close though. Now raise the dumbbell up till your head till you can feel your arms straight over your head. Now reverse your motions and bring back the dumbbells to the original start position. Now lower your body back to squat position.

 Dumbbell – one arm hanging high pull – this movement and the exercise is just like the snatch, however in this exercise type you have to stop its movement when the Dumbbells Birmingham reaches your chest area. Now think that it is just an explosive upright and squeeze your lap when you bring your dumbbells back to the top posture.

Thus if you perform few of these exercises using single Dumbbells Birmingham you can very easily perform the movements and see that your body muscles are flexible and powerful.